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We offer a full end-to-end service to our customers; using decades of design, engineering, and manufacturing experience to transform your unique ideas into full production and distribution.

At Rotadyne we enjoy our reputation for taking the jobs that no one else will. From custom moulding jobs that others simply consider too difficult, to projects requiring materials that others don’t use. Some of our clients are referrals from other manufacturers that lacked the capacity to achieve what we can. We manufacture both component products that are then processed and assembled by our customers, as well as fully assembled products.

Solving Problems For Your Industry is Our Point of Difference

We offer a full design service for customers, including the management of 3rd party services such as building prototypes, Finite Element Analysis, production of ancillary components and standards compliance.

We pride ourselves in being a personal business that deals one-on-one with our customers. Our customers have a direct line with our senior designers and we go to great lengths to be available on demand.

We pride ourselves on having one of the most experienced and dedicated teams in the industry. This experience allows us to better identify the best solutions for our customers.

We maintain a strong local R&D program and continue to invest in efficiency and innovation. We look for better materials, better processes and more efficient logistical services for our clients. We have even designed and built our own rotational moulding machines.

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