At Rotadyne,

We do things Differently.

When it comes to custom moulding, the only limit is your imagination. Our highly experienced design and engineering team will work with you to transform your idea into a finished product.


Rotadyne specialises in custom moulding and we have the experience to make your concepts a reality. We can work with you to design and develop a custom product from concept sketches and ideas and take these ideas right through to manufacturing. We are also happy to turn a resolved design into a product that can be rotomoulded and take it from there.


Our advanced rotational moulding techniques enable us to create products of virtually any shape or size, including complex parts and intricate designs. We can do this while ensuring strong, uniform wall thickness and an exceptional finish. Our Rotational moulded products have numerous benefits over other types of materials like aluminium, steel, wood and fiberglass.


We work with you from concept creation and help you develop your design. When it comes time to ordering an appropriate mould, we take you step by step through the process to ensure you make the correct decisions. If you already have Rotational moulds, we are happy to take them on and fit them to our machines.


Design Team

Does your product or idea still need further development work before production?


Experience a smooth end-to-end service with the help of Rotadyne's in house design team.


Rotadyne has a strong Industrial Design focus and over a decade of Rotational moulding design experience.


We work with you from the very beginning to ensure your design evolves in a way that compliments our process and makes the transition from design to manufacture as seamless

as possible.


We use industry leading tools to generate CAD models and technical drawings of your design. This allows us to achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy during the design process.


We take a collaborative approach to our design projects and keep you informed of the progress and base our design path on your feedback. This way you can be sure that your product is heading in the correct direction.




With several types of moulds available, along with our capacity to provide you with fully assembled products, we can tailor our service to suit your needs precisely.


With rotational moulding you are able to order a custom mould for the fraction of the cost of a blow moulding or injection moulding mould. We offer fabricated steel, cast and CNC aluminium moulds and can help you  decide on the best mould type for your product.


With Rotadyne, you are able to request production runs of virtually any quantity, whether it be production runs of 10 units or 1000.


Rotadyne has a full team dedicated to assembling and packaging products. Whether it is a simple industrial part that needs to be packed on a pallet or showcase items with various components, we have you covered. We can even ship your products directly to your distributors.

A Large Range of Materials, Colours and Finishes

At Rotadyne, we offer you countless ways to customise your product.

You can choose from a variety of finishes to apply to your mould, from a gloss polish to matte and textured finishes and then choose from a catalogue of colours. We can even colour match to virtually any colour.

We also offer a variety of materials that you can choose from to ensure your product is optimal for its use. Our selection ranges from several grades of Linear Low Density polyethylene to materials such as Nylon, and PVC.

We are always happy to walk you through our variety of options for your product and help you choose the best one for your needs.

Graphics and Embossing

Give your Product some flare and showcase your brand image with state of the art Graphics that are moulded directly into your Product.


In-Mould graphics are applied before the product is moulded and they become embedded into the product leaving the surface of your part flush and making it impossible for the graphic to peel or scratch off.


Mould in graphics can be colour matched to your corporate colours and can include fine details such as bar codes and serial numbers.


If you are looking for something a little more subtle, our moulds can be embossed with text and patterns as fine as 1mm.


This is a great way of permanently incorporating information, text or logos .


Moulded in Inserts and Threads

At Rotadyne we have several options for adding these threads to your product.


Our Brass and stainless inserts create a blind or through thread that is embedded directly into the part. The fluted design of the inserts ensure that they simply cannot be pulled out of the part.


We also have a large amount of experience with plastic thread formers. These are inserts that mould a plastic thread directly into the part. We even offer hybrid solutions that offer the best of both types of threads.


We are also able to mould in plastic and metal bushes and through holes, perfect for cases where a D-shackle, bolt and nut system or a rope is required.

Foam Filled Parts

At Rotadyne we can incorporate several foam filling methods into our manufacturing process. Foam filled parts have several benefits over hollow or "single-skinned" parts.


These benefits include: superior thermal insulation, superior noise dampening, improved rigidity, longevity, controlled buoyancy, increased pressure resistance, increased structural strength.


Our foams include several Polyethylene foams that fuse with your products outer wall as well as Polyurethane foam that can be injected into moulded parts to entirely fill large cavities with foam.


If you believe that a foam filled part would be appropriate for your final product contact us and we will happily walk you through available options.

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