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Driving Efficiency Using Rotomoulding

Igor Silva - Saturday, July 19, 2014

Biofilters in commercial products can get heavy, very heavy. When made out of traditional materials such as stainless steel, a biofilter system six feet tall by five feet wide can weigh close to a tonne.

Some systems can require up to ten biofilters, and at that weight significant logistical challenges come into play with the installation of tanks. Plastic filters are a smart alternative to stainless steel, and weigh far less. Couple this with the fact that they are also more aesthetically pleasing and cheaper to produce, and it’s no surprise that Nubian Water Systems sought out Rotadyne to replace their stainless steel filters.

“It meant we needed to come up with a prototype that rotomoulded, and this meant taking everything we do with the stainless steel and re-designing and and retooling it with Rotadyne to produce our first generation of plastic moulded biofilters,” General Manager of Customer Experience at Nubian Water Systems, Richard Vallance, said.

“It was a natural progression for us to continue working with the team there,” he added. “We’ve been business partners with Rotadyne for many years now. We started our relationship on a domestic product; a household water tank.”


“...the knowledge that they offer is invaluable. The people at Rotadyne understand our business and our products...”

That relationship started five years ago, and right from the start Rotadyne has been asked to come up with unique customisations of traditional products. “We were building a grey water recycling system for home use, and we didn’t just want to replicate some of the water tanks you can buy from Bunnings,” Vallance said. “We wanted to make sure our system looks just as good, but allows for us to put our machinery inside the main cabinet.”

“Rotadyne’s ability to engage deeply with organisations on custom projects is one of the key drivers in the on-going relationship,” Vallance said. As a small business, Nubian Water Systems needs to remain dynamic to react to new opportunities in a range of markets, and in turn it needs partners that are flexible.

“Rotadyne is flexible, and it understands what a small business is like with regards to cash flow from customers,” Vallance said. “I would say the knowledge that they offer is invaluable. The people at Rotadyne understand our business and our products, so when we’re working through a new design or going through some R & D, they’re able to align their recommendations to our business.”

“For instance we care a great deal about efficient use of water and other environmental factors. Rotadyne understands that, and they’re even able to break down products that we can’t use and recycle them for later use.”

“...Rotadyne is flexible, and it understands what a small business is like with regards to cash flow from customers...”

One other invaluable service that Rotadyne was able to offer Nubian was simple; location. Due to the highly consultative nature of the projects that Nubian and Rotodyne have partnered on, the close proximity helped seal the deal. “We’re a global business and we’ve got business partners throughout Asia, including Malaysia which is one of the rotomoulding capitals in the world,” Vallance said.

“We looked at all of those locations, but decided for this project that we wanted a local business partner we could have direct communication with so we wouldn’t be relying on social media and email to work together. Rotadyne is literally a drive up the road and we’re able to lay down the facts then and there, and get a result.”

“Rotadyne has always been available to us 24/7, and that gives us the confidence we were looking for. You can only get that confidence by building a relationship with an organisation like Rotadyne, and we have now been doing business together for five years.”

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