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RJ Cox Engineering and Rotadyne; Collaborating Towards Success

Igor Silva - Saturday, March 23, 2013


Standardising a product across the entire health sector was always going to be a challenging proposition, but when it involves work of intense interest to Work Cover as well, it’s critical to get the quality control just right.

That’s the challenge that RJ Cox Engineering faced when it partnered with Rotadyne to supply plastic medical cases to the health industry throughout Australia. It’s a process that took two years to complete from start to finish. After initially being approached by Lance Green, an Industrial Design Professor from UNSW to offer consultative advice on the practicality of his idea for a new style of medical case, Rotadyne were able to offer the technical insight needed to help Lance take the project from idea to conceptual prototype.

The challenge was to develop a standard design for cases used to transport medical equipment to and from suppliers and hospitals. This would ease the risks nurses faced moving heavy and unwieldy equipment around the workplace. With a standard case design across all facilities, hospitals would be able to instal common lifting gear and limit the weight that the nurses needed to manage.

“...very proactive in coming to me and showing me how the issues can be resolved...”

The prototype then underwent a 2 year review by a committee consisting of representatives from 6 supply companies, Work Cover, the Transport Workers Union and the Nurses Union. After a tender process, RJ Cox was selected as the supplier.

“Heath [Tyson, Rotadyne Business Development Manager] dropped in on me and we discussed the proposal and we asked ‘is this something you can do?’ and he said ‘definitely,’” RJ Cox Engineering Managing Director, Robert Cox, said.

Rotadyne set about finalising the design of the case itself including the actual attachment of the door, a latching solution, some clearance issues, re-building the CAD model to a usable state and designing a completely new dolly for the cases to sit on along with various other minor changes to the initial designs. From there the tooling process began.

What followed was an intense consultative and collaborative process with RJ Cox to ensure finished product met strict quality control guidelines. A process that left RJ Cox Managing Director, Robert Cox, very happy with the Rotadyne team’s approach to business.

“...Already there are a lot of enquiries coming from other parties wanting or needing this solution...”

“They’ve been great,” Cox said. “They’ve been very quick to come back to me if I had any queries or challenges and they would be very proactive in coming to me and showing me how the issues can be resolved.”

“We modified the initial design to to accommodate all parties because there were different cases, and we needed to ensure they could fit the different sized bins that sit on top of the cases. There was a bit of extra work involved to make that happen and Rotadyne did a great job with that.”

Thanks to the great experience that Cox had in working with Rotadyne, he is looking forward to more opportunities to expand on the partnership into the future.

“We’re coming to the end of the current project now but I’m sure there will be more opportunities to work with Rotadyne,” Cox said. “Already there are a lot of enquiries coming from other parties wanting or needing this solution because it’s something that is now prevalent throughout the country after being rolled out by Work Cover, and all the hospitals and the orthopedic companies need to comply.

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