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Using Rotomoulding Expertise To Secure Aggressive Chemicals

Igor Silva - Friday, July 19, 2013


When storing aggressive chemicals there is no room for error. The consequences of poorly built storage tanks can be dire.

Because of that, organisations that work with chemicals need to adhere to strict standards for storage. Those organisations will often look to rotational moulding when building bunded chemical dosing tanks, as it is a proven solution for building certified tanks, and offers significant cost savings when compared to some other materials.

But finding the right rotomoulder for the job can be a difficult task. Fit and Fix went through a lengthy process to find the right partner when it was looking to commission a bunded chemical dosing tank, and it ran into difficulties at the very start of the search. Simply finding a rotomoulder willing to take on the job proved to be a challenge. “Responses ranged from not returning my phone calls to refusing to engage with us further.” Fit and Fix consultant, Uch Perazza, said.


Using Rotational Moulding Expertise To Secure Aggressive Chemicals

“...Rotadyne was the only one that could project manage the whole thing from concept to finish...”


“Perhaps the job was too difficult. These fluids are aggressive chemicals, so we needed someone who had a good understanding of the materials that we’re using. We also needed something that would work for the various codes of practice that we needed to follow. We found that Rotadyne was the only one that could project manage the whole thing from concept to finish.”

“Rotadyne’s ability to collaborate with the customer from the planning stages through to execution was what eventually won the company the contract,” Perazza said. Rotational moulding might be the most cost-effective way of building these dosing tanks, but it is still a lengthy and challenging process in terms of engineering, and requires significant expertise on the part of the manufacturer’s engineers.

“We had the idea, but we needed someone to put it on to paper. Rotadyne did that. They were brilliant in that they could take sketches of our ideas and transform those into drawings, and then also he could make sure the engineering was meeting the necessary integrity,” Perazza said.

“I’ve dealt with rotational moulders in the past, and Rotadyne is unique. They’ve delivered on what we asked completely down the line, from start to finish. Others tend to drop off in terms of offering responsive service or quality control once they’ve got you as a customer, but here that hasn’t been the case at all.”

“...Rotadyne is unique. They’ve delivered on what we asked completely down the line, from start to finish...”

Following a successful first engagement, Fit and Fix again contracted Rotadyne for a second, larger, project. This IBC bund tank was significantly larger, and Fit and Fix were so pleased with the ability for Rotadyne to scale with its requirements that Perazza sees no need to look elsewhere going forward.

“A project might look fine on paper but there will always be some fine tuning with the end product, and you need someone who can understand that and help you with that fine tuning,” he said.

“With our first two projects now taking off, we’ve got ideas for more. There’s a considerable outlay for us in terms of raw costs, but we’re always planning the next project and we certainly wouldn’t be looking to go anywhere else. We’ve built the relationship with Rotadyne’s entire team, and from their engineers, to managers and sales, and their depth of experience makes them the perfect partner to work with.”

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